Step into a world of unparalleled design prowess, where creativity flourishes and spaces transform into captivating works of art. As a proud woman-owned business, we are more than just experts – we are your partners in crafting environments that resonate with distinction. At Enhanced Decor, we wear the badge of innovation and excellence, curating extraordinary experiences that are as unique as your vision.

We stand as a beacon of innovation, a true “one-stop-shop” that caters to your every design aspiration. Our holistic approach encompasses Design, Fabrication, and Installation, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to realization. With unwavering commitment, we merge aesthetics with technology to breathe life into spaces that redefine sophistication.

Our portfolio boasts a mesmerizing array of custom offerings, each meticulously crafted to elevate your surroundings. From printed vinyl flooring that beckons with vibrant allure, to textured wall coverings that engage both sight and touch, our repertoire knows no bounds. Embrace the allure of printed dye-sublimated carpets, the elegance of dye-sublimated fabrics, and the captivating glow of light boxes. Navigate with grace through ADA and wayfinding signage, while embracing the multi-dimensionality of textured acrylics and 3D sculpting – a true embodiment of innovation.

Enhanced Décor is a division of Enhance a Colour, a 30+ year design, printing, and fabrication rooted in innovation, creativity, and success in bringing spaces to life.

Our commitment remains steadfast in bringing unique custom visual solutions that inspire and leave lasting impressions.