Discover the Power of UV Gel Inks: Why Choose Enhanced Decor

In the world of printing, innovation is key to achieving vibrant, high-quality results that leave a lasting impression. Enhanced Decor introduces you to the game-changing technology of UV Gel Inks, revolutionizing your printing experience. Let’s delve into the perks of using our UV Gel Inks and explore why they’re the ultimate choice for all your printing needs.

  1. Flex Finish for Customization

One of the standout features of our UV Gel Ink Printing is its flex finish. You have the freedom to choose between a matte, gloss, or even a combination of both finishes. This flexibility ensures that your prints perfectly match your creative vision, allowing you to create visually stunning and captivating pieces.

2. Effortless Clean-Up with Anti-Graffiti Properties

Are you tired of dealing with graffiti or unwanted marks on your prints? Our UV Gel Inks are anti-graffiti, making it easy to wipe off graffiti or sharpie marks without damaging the print. This feature is especially essential for clients in healthcare and hospital settings, ensuring a sanitary and pristine environment.

3. Odor-Free Printing

Unlike some traditional inks that can emit strong odors, our UV Gel Ink Printing is entirely odorless. This creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in any environment, making it an excellent choice for spaces where odors can be disruptive or unpleasant.

4. High-Quality, Vibrant Colors

Experience the brilliance of our UV Gel Inks, which have the exceptional ability to produce vibrant and long-lasting colors. Your prints will come to life, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

5. Versatile Media Compatibility

Whether you’re printing on paper, fabric, acrylic, or a wide range of other materials, our UV Gel Inks are compatible with various media. This versatility opens up endless possibilities for your creative projects and ensures that you can achieve your desired results on different surfaces.

6. Quick Turnaround

At Enhanced Decor, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our UV Gel Ink Printing is not only high-quality but also exceptionally quick. This means you can receive your prints promptly without sacrificing quality, allowing you to stay on track with your projects and campaigns.

7. Durability in High-Traffic Areas

Our UV Gel Inks are designed to withstand the test of time. They are scratch-resistant, ensuring that your prints remain pristine even in high-traffic areas. This feature is invaluable for displays, signage, and applications that face daily wear and tear.

Save on Ink with UV Gel Technology

Compared to other ink technologies like latex or eco-solvent inks, UV Gel Inks require around 40% less ink to achieve the same image quality and color intensity. This not only saves costs but also contributes to more sustainable printing practices.

Multiple Applications

Our UV Gel Inks have a wide range of applications, including pop-up posters, double-sided banners, durable outdoor banners, wallpaper, floor decals, vehicle wraps, frontlit and backlit signage, soft signage, event banners, window graphics, custom wall murals, trade show displays, retail signage, museum exhibits, exterior signage, and much more. No matter your project, our UV Gel Inks can meet your needs.


At Enhanced Decor, we value your partnership and believe that our UV Gel Ink Printing offers a superior printing experience that meets the highest standards of quality, durability, and convenience. We thank you for considering us as your trusted printing partner and look forward to demonstrating the incredible capabilities of our UV Gel Ink Printing.


Choose Enhanced Decor for your printing needs and experience the difference that UV Gel Inks can make. It’s time to take your printing to the next level and achieve results that truly enhance your projects.