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Window Film

Window film serves a variety of purposes in settings with glass or acrylic windows, doors, and partitions. Enhanced Décor produces optically clear film (which uses totally clear adhesive), translucent films (which appears frosted or cloudy), or opaque (which uses a layer of white ink). Multilayered effects can be used with optically clear vinyl such as two-sided graphics—mirrored text that is legible from either side of the glass. Enhanced Décor can also provide specialty customization options including cloaking film which makes LCD screens appear black and switchable film (smart privacy film) which uses an electric current to turn transparency on or off. 

Window film is an important tool in environmental design because it promotes energy efficiency, harnesses natural daylight, protects occupants from UV rays and glare, enhances privacy, and contributes to the overall sustainability of buildings. 

Decorative: Pattern, color, and images on film | Transparent, translucent, or opaque | CAD cut. 

Distraction: Repeating pattern strips of 30 in. at 3 ft. and/or 6 ft. to indicate that there is a glass barrier to prevent injury for people walking or using a wheelchair. 

Privacy: Designed to obscure the view between areas of a building.


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