Unveiling the Advantages of Canon UVgel Printers for Wallpaper Printing

In the realm of interior design and experiential spaces, the use of custom wall coverings has become a powerful tool for transforming environments. One leading technology that’s revolutionizing this field is Canon’s UVgel printing, as utilized by Enhanced Décor Wall Coverings. Let’s delve into the advantages this technology offers, and why it’s the ideal choice for transforming walls in diverse settings.

1. Odorless and Low Emissions

Using Canon UVgel inks for printing wall coverings comes with a notable advantage: they are odorless and boast low emissions. This feature makes them an excellent choice for spaces that prioritize clean and fresh air quality. Especially in environments like healthcare facilities and schools, where indoor air quality is crucial, the absence of strong odors and low emissions is a significant benefit.

2. Meets GREENGUARD Gold Standards

Enhanced Décor Wall Coverings using Canon UVgel inks have been designed and manufactured in adherence to the rigorous standards of GREENGUARD Gold. This certification assures customers that the products meet stringent chemical emissions limits, contributing to healthier indoor air quality. It’s an assurance that these wall coverings are safe for sensitive indoor settings, aligning with the needs of healthcare facilities, schools, and other spaces where air quality is paramount.

3. ASTM F793 Type II Classification

The UVgel wall coverings offered by Enhanced Décor not only prioritize air quality but also excel in durability. Meeting the ASTM F793 Type II Classification, these wall coverings are highly resistant to scuffing. This makes them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as waiting rooms, hallways, and classrooms, where walls are prone to wear and tear. The added durability ensures a longer lifespan for the printed designs, maintaining their visual appeal even in busy environments.

4. Customization and Instant Rebranding

Canon UVgel printing technology allows for high-quality customization of wall coverings, enabling businesses and designers to create unique, bespoke designs. The speed and efficiency of this technology facilitate instant rebranding and the creation of engaging, immersive environments without compromising quality or time.

The Canon UVgel Advantage for Enhanced Décor

Enhanced Décor stands out in the industry not just for the products it offers but also for its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology like Canon’s UVgel printing. By combining innovation and quality, they’re redefining the possibilities of wall coverings in various settings.

With the ability to provide odorless, low emission, and GREENGUARD Gold-certified wall coverings, Enhanced Décor’s use of Canon UVgel inks ensures that spaces can be transformed without compromising on health and safety standards. Additionally, the durability offered by meeting ASTM F793 Type II Classification assures long-lasting, scuff-resistant wall coverings.

In essence, the use of Canon UVgel technology for printing wall coverings isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about elevating spaces while adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Enhanced Décor, with its commitment to pushing the boundaries of wall covering design, continues to exemplify how technology like Canon UVgel can redefine and enhance interior spaces, making a mark in industries where quality, durability, and safety are paramount.